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is Owned and Operated by Deanna Smith.

You know how we all have (or know someone who has) things that keep us going around the same mountain, stumbling block or negative experience over and over again? Deanna helps you discover and clear what is blocking you and gives you the tools you need to support yourself naturally on your journey to having the life you desire.

She has a passion for educating and empowering you to take back control of your health, happiness, and overall well-being. She has been in the realms of personal development since the late 80's and has also been on her own healing adventure. She saw how few options the traditional medical community offered her family when her mother was diagnosed in 1995 and treated for colon cancer. It was very discouraging to follow all the suggested treatments and see her mom suffer and ultimately pass in 1997 not from the cancer itself, but from the treatment and the medicine needed to “manage the pain”.

As many healers end up having to do, Deanna ultimately had to go on her own healing journey. She manifested 2 melanomas and thyroid cancer at the same time she found out she was pregnant with her second child. Later through her shamanic studies, she realized that those manifestations had roots her holding toxic negative emotions and unprocessed grief. Again, the options the medical community provided at the time of her diagnoses in 2008 were fear based tactics, surgery and radioactive ablation. Being pregnant and still thinking the medical community must know best, she followed their protocols, she and the baby "survived" the surgery and then a year later she dealt with the ablation treatment. There were things that stuck with her from that time, like how diet, nutrition and finding out the reason why she got cancer in the first place were not being addressed. She also couldn't get past the oncologist recommending on several occasions to abort the pregnancy and "take care of herself". Knowing that is the kind of bedside manner, education and treatment many people go through, once she had gotten her strength back, the memories of both her mother's and her own experiences accelerated Deanna's desire to find a better way to help ease suffering and foster an environment where natural healing can occur. Now thankfully, with the support of her husband and two beautiful daughters, she has studied several different healing modalities and continues to research and learn what is out there in the world of healing.

Through her shamanic, energetic and essential oil training, she helps facilitate relaxation and the transformation of energetic patterns. She has achieved Reiki Master/Teacher and Huna level II certifications under Shamans Joe and Lori Badstein at Earthstar Healing Points Spiritual Center in Chapel Hill, completed "A Heart of Service" four-month Shamanic training under Bloom Post, and Shamanic Training/Medicine Wheel one year program under Chris Krohn. Deanna is certified in the ARoMATOUCH Technique, which is an essential oil application technique that supports the body systems and can be added to a Reiki session. Although Deanna is not a massage therapist or medical doctor and is not able to diagnose or treat any medical conditions, her services are able to complement traditional medical approaches. Deanna knows that all forms of medicine have their strengths and benefits and feels that knowing when and how to use each with informed consent is making them work best for your individual needs.

A huge part of Deanna's passion is partnering with you to help you feel better than previously by looking past symptoms and seeing a larger picture to try to get to the root causes. She focuses on energy work to clear negative patterns, increasing more whole plant foods to support nutrition/gut health, and decreasing toxins and supporting overall health by incorporating essential oils and natural products into a balanced lifestyle. Deanna loves providing the environment and information you need to help get you closer to your wellness goals and offers Wellness Consultations to help identify areas that may benefit from having more natural solutions. She believes that when you are committed to focusing on your health and happiness, although "curing" may not always be possible, "healing" always is! Let Deanna share with you some of what she has learned and then decide for yourself where the next step of the journey will lead.

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