Shamanic Clearing

A Shamanic Clearing session includes The Illumination process, which is used to help clear unwanted patterns of energies that are sometimes very longstanding and can negatively affect our lives. This technique was brought to North America by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D, who studied directly with the Q'ero shamans in the Andes.

Our Luminous Energy Field is a detectable energy that surrounds our bodies like an egg, as far out as our fingers can reach and a foot or so above and below us. This field can carry the imprints of past trauma and emotional wounds and when those imprints are made and not cleared, they can cause us to create patterns of behavior around those wounds.

I like the expression of going around that mountain one more time because that is what those imprint can make us do. We know the pattern isn’t good for us but yet we can’t seem to break the loop and we see it happening over and over again. The Illumination process helps clear the heavy energies that keep us in that loop. We are triggered every time that trauma is activated again and we tend to blame others for what they are doing that has triggered us, but in reality, it is our wound begging to be healed. Once those heavy energies (which the Q’ero people called hucha, negative energy) of the past traumas are cleared, they no longer distort our perception in the present and we are more able to respond to situations instead of reacting.

Many times the Illumination will reveal to you deep insights about where the imprint originated and the final part of the process is to use the contrast of the world we live in to be able to transform the negative feeling that the imprint created into a beautiful gift that can reveal the truth of who we really are and a remembrance of who we have always been but just temporarily forgotten.

The key to this amazing transformation is to let ourselves feel the feelings that we experienced as a result of the traumas, not to re-live the trauma but to take the feeling it left us with and keep trying to pull up all the emotions that were attached to that pattern of energy we had been experiencing. The more we can stay with the feelings, the more they can be cleared from our field, until we get to the point where we can’t feel those feelings anymore and we feel lighter and more at peace or have gained an understanding but feel no emotion attached to it anymore.

This process of Illumination has now become my favorite technique to use to facilitate healing for myself and others. It is a powerful experience that can transform all areas of your life as soon as you are ready to be done going around that mountain one more time.

We can talk in more detail when we set up your initial Breakthrough Session and answer any questions you may have regarding the session.

Sessions are typically 60 - 90 mins.

Distance sessions are available if preferred.

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