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You know how we all have (or know someone who has) things that keep us going around the same mountain, stumbling block or negative experience over and over again? Deanna helps you discover and clear what is blocking you and gives you the tools you need to support yourself naturally on your journey to having the life you desire.

She has a passion for educating and empowering you to take back control of your health, happiness, and overall well-being. Through her shamanic, energetic, and essential oil training, she helps facilitate relaxation and the transformation of energetic patterns.

A huge part of Deanna's passion is partnering with you to help you feel better by providing the environment and information you need to help get you closer to your wellness goals and offers Breakthrough Sessions to help identify areas that may benefit from having more natural solutions. She believes that when you are committed to focusing on your health and happiness, although "curing" may not always be possible, "healing" always is!

Let Deanna share with you some of what she has learned and then decide for yourself where the next step of the journey will lead.

Complimentary Service

Let's briefly look at a few areas that may be holding you back on your health journey and identify the top thing you can do to move forward today!

Wellness Support

This option is for anyone who is not interested in an extensive review but would like to discuss ongoing health issues or ways to improve existing methods of self-care. Includes a brief intake and a one hour consultation plus emailed resources.

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Energy Work

These session are held in-person or by phone and works on the energetic level to begin to clear heaviness and blockages from the Luminous Energy Field.

An Illumination is a way to get unstuck from reoccurring patterns in your life. If this is your first Illumination,

feel free to schedule a Complimentary Breakthrough Session to make sure we are a good fit or to ask any questions.

First Time Clients

Returning Clients

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